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Kit, Spares, No: 3, Bench Plane Fasteners, #1.12.702

Item Code: S2983
$ 58.42
Kit contains all fasteners except lateral adjust lever and rivet, Y lever and pin and frog adjusting engagement clip.
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This kit contains a set of Stanley's proprietary thread fasteners and contains all fasteners except lateral adjust lever and rivet assembly, Y lever and mounting pin assembly and frog adjusting engagement clip.

Where there are metric equivalents used in current model planes duplicate metric fasteners are included in this kit. For most users these will be of no use.

For the majority of the long period when Stanley planes were the dominant brand Stanley used a unique, proprietary thread standard. At some relatively recent time in the early 2000's Stanley began using metric fasteners for some of the fastening needs in their hand planes. It appears the only applied logic was that those parts connecting to the frog remained Stanley threads and the remainder went metric.

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Stanley Bailey Exploded Parts Diagram

  • Most of the Item Codes below are appropriate to #4 and #5 planes
  • Email for Item codes for larger models
  • #2 back irons have become unavailable from Stanley for all size blades
  • Many components are common across the bench plane range - patterns #3 through #8
  • Unfortunately Y levers and lateral adjusters are unavailable separately
  • OEM Handle & Knobs, back irons and blades are available

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