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Insert, Threaded, Brass, 3/8 inch x 16tpi, dozen

Threaded solid brass inserts which have a right hand, wood style, outer thread and a standard machine internal thread - either Metric Standard or Whitworth/UNC. Offers knock-down ability. All inserts are best seated using a mandrell as below. The zinc
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All inserts are best seated using a mandrell as below.  The zinc versions can be seated using a up-scale allen key.  The brass inserts have a slot for an insertion tool which we don't offer. We do not suggest the use of a screwdriver which may chew up brass inserts.

Inserts can be inserted at an angle.  A pre-drilled, angled, landing flat assists with this, drilled with either a forstner or spade bit.

Inserts Table 2


A suggested insertion arbor

Inserts Arbor

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Size/weight/qty 3/8 inch x 16tpi- doz.

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