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Washer, Solid Brass, Finish, Cup, COUNTERSUNK, 12 pcs

Washer, Solid Brass, Finish, Cup Countersunk
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Item Code: H1050 For #6 gauge Screws Price:
$ 15.13
$ 15.13
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Item Code: H1051 For #8 gauge Screws Price:
$ 18.21
$ 18.21
- +
Item Code: H1052 For #10 gauge Screws Price:
$ 21.75
$ 21.75
- +
Item Code: H1053 For #12 gauge Screws Price:
$ 24.32
$ 24.32
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Solid brass countesunk washers are typically used under raised countersunk or standard flat head counter sunk wood screw heads for applications which may require periodic removal of the screws, for example, a boat hatch.

Note: These have a standard 82 degree angle which is overwhelmingly the world wide standard. Square drive fasteners are usually the exception with a 90 degree angle head angle.

Note: These may be compatible for use with countersunk head machine screws provided the through hole is enlarged - e.g. a #12 gauge washer  is a sweet fit for a 6mm setscrew.

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Example screws pictured for illustration but NOT supplied.

In the table below the Gauge is a reference to the wire gauge of the screw and is not related to any Metric measurement.

The figures in the body of the table are millimetres

H1050 6 A

There are several wire gauge standards for the imperial measurement world.

A conversion table for standard wire gauge (BSWG).


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Size/weight/qty For #6 gauge Screws

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