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Plane, Combination, Veritas #45, Includes 1 x 1/4 inch (6.35mm) Straight Blade, #05P5901

Item Code: J1600
$ 734.24
Plane, Combination, Veritas #45, Includes 1 x 1/4 inch (6.35mm) Straight Blade, #05P5901
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VERITAS - Originally created to replace stacks of hollow and round wooden moulding planes, combination planes are defined by their flexibility. The Veritas® Combination Plane is no exception; only this one is designed with better adjustment and feed mechanisms for easy and accurate blade setting, and incorporates features to prevent blade vibration, making it reliable in use. It will tackle fundamental joinery, such as rebates, tongues and grooves, as well as through-dadoes. It can also be used with beading,
reeding and fluting blades, individually or in sequence with others, to create a variety of decorative details. Being symmetrical, the plane can be set for right- or left-hand configuration to suit your dominant hand or accommodate grain direction.
A 1/4 inch (6.35mm) wide, A2 tool steel straight blade is included with the plane, and a selection of beading, reeding, and fluting blades will be available to order separately. Our combination plane will also accept blades used with the Record 405 and Stanley 45/55 planes.


Later in 2017 Veritas will release a storage box for the combination plane and a box for the blades

For advance orders search our site A2982 and A2984


j1600 1


An ever wider array of blade options


j1600 2


Shows the plane with skate/fence fitted left and right side

j1600 3


The optional storage box

j1600 4

j1600 5

j1600 6




45 group


As at August 2017 this is a new item and we will add blades to stock as they become available.

Note: Blade handedness to be clarified

For stocking we will emphasise RIGHT HANDED, METRIC blades - see below.  See the second table below for a listing of all blades. Left handed and Imperial size blades mostly available to order.

45 Blades 5



45 Blades 3

45 Blades 4

Compatibility with Plough Plane.


All the blades in green are compatible with both the small plow plane & new combo plane. All the new blades in blue are designed for the combination plane.

05P51.02 1/8” RH Standard Blade, A2

05P51.03 3/16” RH Standard Blade, A2

05P51.04 ¼” RH Standard Replacement Blade, A2

05P51.05 5/16” RH Standard Blade, A2

05P51.06 3/8” RH Standard Blade, A2

05P51.34 4mm RH Standard Blade, A2

05P51.35 5mm RH Standard Blade, A2

05P51.36 6mm RH Standard Blade, A2

05P51.37 7mm RH Standard Blade, A2

05P51.38 8mm RH Standard Blade, A2

05P51.40 10mm RH Standard Blade, A2

Wide Blades

05P51.77 7/16” Wide Blade, A2

05P51.78 ½” Wide Blade, A2

05P51.79 9/16” Wide Blade, A2

05P51.80 5/8” Wide Blade, A2

05P51.81 11/16” Wide Blade, A2

05P51.82 ¾” Wide Blade, A2

05P51.42 12mm Wide Blade, A2

05P51.46 16mm Wide Blade, A2

05P51.48 18mm Wide Blade, A2

Tongue-Cutting Blades

05P51.62 1/8” Tongue-Cutting Blade, A2

05P51.63 3/16” Tongue-Cutting Blade, A2

05P51.64 ¼” Tongue-Cutting Blade, A2

05P51.65 4mm Tongue-Cutting Blade, A2

05P51.66 5mm Tongue-Cutting Blade, A2

05P51.67 6mm Tongue-Cutting Blade, A2

Beading Blades

05P52.72 1/8” RH Small Beading Blade, PM-V11®

05P52.73 3/16” RH Small Beading Blade, PM-V11®

05P52.74 ¼” RH Small Beading Blade, PM-V11

Rabbet Blade

NEW 05P51.87 11/16” Rabbet Blade, PM-V11®

NEW 05P52.80 5/16” Large Beading Blade, PM-V11®

NEW 05P52.81 3/8” Large Beading Blade, PM-V11®

NEW 05P52.82 7/16” Large Beading Blade, PM-V11®

NEW 05P52.83 ½” Large Beading Blade, PM-V11®

Reeding Blades

NEW 05P52.90 1/8” Two-Reed Blade, PM-V11®

NEW 05P52.91 1/8” Three-Reed Blade, PM-V11®

NEW 05P52.92 1/8” Four-Reed Blade, PM-V11®

NEW 05P52.93 3/16” Two-Reed Blade, PM-V11®

NEW 05P52.94 3/16” Three-Reed Blade, PM-V11®

NEW 05P52.95 3/16” Four-Reed Blade, PM-V11®

NEW 05P52.96 ¼” Two-Reed Blade, PM-V11®

NEW 05P52.97 ¼” Three-Reed Blade, PM-V11® $

Fluting Blades

NEW 05P59.13 3/16” Fluting Blade, PM-V11®

NEW 05P59.14 ¼” Fluting Blade, PM-V11®

NEW 05P59.16 3/8” Fluting Blade, PM-V11®


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