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Grinder, Water, Scan 200EK with 61F diamond plate

Item Code: M0004
$ 759.24
Popular schools combination. Comes fitted with a 150mm fine grit diamond honing plate.
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Popular schools combination.  Comes fitted with a 150mm, fine grit, EzeLap diamond honing plate adhered to the top of the case adjacent to the wheel.  This allows a quick hone of an edge after grinding. Danish made slow speed water bath grinder suited to sharpening a wide range of edge tools. The machine has a stall-free, tooth belt drive, a reversing switch and adjustable tool rest. Unlike with other competitors machines, water can be left in this machine without the stone going pear shaped. A range of accessory jigs allow sharpening of gouges, scissors, knives, jointer blades and more.


Water bath grinders are far safer than high speed bench grinders which are rarely if ever optimised for tool sharpening.  The wheel runs in water and the tool is effectively ground underwater which elimintaes heating of the tool and consequent loss of edge holding character. The other advantage is that the process happens much slower and in a more controllable fashion.


For accessory jigs which assist with sharpening and maintenance of the wheel see HERE.

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