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File, Chainsaw, Folding, 95mm x 4.0mm, #705360

File, Chainsaw, Folding, 95mm x 4.0mm, #705360
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Round diamond file for sharpening saw chains, also suitable for gouges and profiled turning scrapers. Highly efficient, even very hard steel only requires a few strokes.
The American manufacturer Diamond Machining Technology (DMT) is the founder of interrupted surface technology for diamond sharpening equipment, and has been the market leader for diamond-coated sharpening equipment for years. The high-quality sharpening tools are manufactured at the company's headquarters in Massachusetts (USA).
  • Monocrystalline* diamond particles guarantee a long service life and excellent material removal
  • Uniform grit sizes and a dense diamond distribution for even grinding patterns
  • Permanently flat and warp-free thanks to supporting plates made of steel or warp-free plastic with a nickel matrix
  • Colour coding of various grit sizes
  • 100 % made in the USA

* Monocrystalline diamonds are significantly more wear resistant than the polycrystalline diamonds used to make lower quality diamond sharpening tools.


Size/weight/qty 4.0mm

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