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Stabiliser, Wood, Pentacryl, for High Moisture Content Wood

Stabiliser, Wood, Pentacryl, for High Moisture Content Wood
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Product Description

Preservation Solutions’ Pentacryl™ is a wood stabilizer used by woodcarvers, woodturners and furniture makers to keep green wood from cracking, checking and splitting during the drying process.

Pentacryl™ will not react with the tanic acids in the wood and will make your wood look cleaner and brighter! If you enjoy turning or working with green wood but struggle with cracking, checking or warping, you need to take a closer look at Pentacryl™! 

Excellent results have been achieved with many types of wood including Eastern White Pine, Basswood, Tupelo, Walnut, Apple Wood, Hawthorne, Cherry, Rock Maple, Soft Maple, Ash, Modrone, Bamboo and many others.

Pentacryl™ can be brushed on or for smaller pieces, the wood can be immersed and soaked into a 100% solution of Pentacryl™. Dyes can be added to the Pentacryl™ or the wood can be stained after treatment.

Once the wood is dry, any type of finish and glue can be used on the wood. Pentacryl™ will not discolor the wood, is non-hygroscopic and will not oxidize, decompose or migrate in the wood when exposed to different degrees of temperature and relative humidity. 

To see Directions for usage, MSDS and FAQ's see the Preservation Solutions site under the Wood Treatment drop down in the banner.


Size/weight/qty 946 ml

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