Stubai Brad Point Bits Data Sheet
Stubai offer the widest range of carbon steel, brad pointed wood working drill bits on the market with 21 sizes from 3 to 28mm.
Stubai Universal Borers Data Sheet
Stubai Universal Borers are available in tool steel and TCT tipped and offer a capability very close to that achieved with forstner bits without the problems of shavings jamming in the chip gates of the bit. Metric only and short shank. Genuinely European steel and much simpler to touch up / sharpen than plain rim forstners.
Stubai Tenon Cutters Data Sheet
Stubai tenon cutters double as up-size plug cutters and are available right up to 50mm. Paired with Universal Borers these are superb for a very wide range of uses.
Stubai Metric Forstners Data Sheet
Stubaie offer metric plain rim forstner bits which reamain the choice for ultra clean holes with a small brad point.
Stubai Carpenters Squares
Stubai make large scale carpenters squares in quality polished steel.
Stubai Squares Bevels
Stubai offer 'nutwood' (which looks like European walnut) squares and bevels with the squares often being calibrated and both available in larger than usual sizes.
Stubai Sharpening
Stubai offer Arkansas and Belgian slate sharpening options.
Stubai Spare Chisel Handles
Stubai offer chisel handles in European styles in beech and modern plastics which can be fitted to many chisels with tangs. For socket chisel options click here.
Stubai Machine Mortice Bits Data Sheet
Stubai machine mortice bits fit many slot mortice machines and the steel is still Austrian or German sourced.
Stubai Board Carriers
Stubai offer board carriers in three styles.
Stubai Axes and Hatchets
Stubai axes, hatchets and adzes are made in Austria. There are also block splitters and side axes - both left and right.