Media Storage Racks

Media storage racks can be used in many unique and exciting locations and configurations. There are options for carcase pieces and for drawers which allows for organising your library of CD's and DVD's.

The tower options can be used with no cabinetry which means they can be fitted where you want to any suitable vertical surface.

Several patterns are identical in important dimensions which allows for combined, mixed collections of CD and DVD cases. There are also options for half height and dual CD cases.


Spring finger racks - are typically used within furniture cabinets or purpose built drawers and work by retaining the media cases on spring loaded fingers which partly eject the case when depressed and released. Spring finger racks can be used in either vertical or horizontal orientation.

Drawer racks - are typically used in the bottom of drawers or on shelving and organise the cases without any ejection or retention mechanism.

Grille racks - are typically used in vertical arrangements within a case into which the locating pins can engage.

Tower or "D" racks - have the least requirements for installation and can be fastened to any appropriate vertical or horizontal surface. They have no exposed 'undressed faces' and are designed to look acceptable either wholly or partly populated. They especially suit vertical tower arrangements.



Dimensions drawings are available - please go to each item for these details. All finger, tower and drawer racks can be mounted with countersunk head screws. Grille racks are provided with location pins.


1 2 3 4
  • CD Finger rack - holds 20
  • Item Code: P0120
  • CD Finger rack - holds 10
  • Item Code: P0130
  • Double CD rack - holds 10
  • Item Code: P0140
  • DVD Finger rack - holds 15
  • Item Code: P0150
5 6 7 9
  • CD Grille Rack - holds 9
  • Item Code: P0160
  • DVD Grille Rack - holds7
  • Item Code: P0170
  • CD Drawer rack - holds 26
  • Item Code: P0180
  • DVD Drawer rack - holds 13
  • Item Code: P0195
    10 11 12
      • CD Tower rack - holds 8
      • Item Code: P0205
      • CD Tower rack - holds 15
      • Item Code: P0210
      • CD DVD Tower rack - holds 6
      • Item Code: P0215